Towards Zero Together AIDS 2018

Equal access to treatment campaign

Equal access to treatment campaign

The Campaign

Access to ART’s remain limited, especially in developing countries where out of 7.1 million only 28% are receiving treatment. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness of this issue by sending a clear message that PLHIV worldwide are coming together in unity to support their peers and fight for the needs of future generations. This is our generations’ purpose…

The Towards Zero Together campaign is designed to raise awareness of several issues impacting on the lives of PLHIV, by sending a clear message that PLHIV worldwide are coming together in unity to support their peers and fight for the needs of future generations. This campaign will send out THREE big messages that we as a community demand...

ZERO Stigma

ZERO Criminalisation

(barriers to treatment) 


This campaign aims to get as many PLIHV from all over the world together to walk as one and raise awareness about the many barriers still faced by some worldwide, such as the great discrepancies in accessing life-saving treatment, and a lack of empowered non-Western voices.

A group made up of HIV advocates and activists from around the world will walk 225kms over nine days, starting in Brussels on 15 July, and ending at the 2018 International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam on 23 July.

By walking 225kms across borders and ending at the International AIDS conference, PLHIV are not just advocating for equal access to treatment for all, but are also proving to the wider community that they can do anything they put their minds to and are not held back by this virus in any way.

Today’s ARVs does not only improve the quality of life of PLHIV but they are also a key tool in ending transmission. Getting all PLHIV on treatment ASAP not only just makes sense, it actually an incredible affective menthod to end HIV - Ruan (Founder of the Hivsters Movement & Towards ZERO together)
Our community partners

Our community partners

How will we do it?

We will walk 225kms, over 9 days, from Brussels to Amsterdam. Thanks to the help of our amazing friends from the ASIDS 2018 march (pictured), we are being followed by a documentary team who has joined up with OUT TV, Europe's largest LGBTIQ+ broadcaster, who will send our THREE messages of ZERO out to the world. We are being joined by government officials, celebrities and HIV sector professionals alike, who will all help us create the necessary buzz needed to create real awareness. 

We will be raising funds as we walk, which will all be donated to the 3 organisations who support our three ZERO's .

Donation to GNP+ on stigma

Donation to HIV justice on prosecutions

Donation to ICASO on AIDS deaths (esp. since the crisis in Venezuela!)

The Route

15 July, day 1: Brussels to Mechelen (Grote Markt 24.8kms) Duration: 5hrs 

16 July, day 2: Mechelen to Antwerp (22.8kms) Duration: 6.5hrs

July 17, day 3: Antwerp to Essen (28.1kms) Duration: 5.45hrs 

July 18, day 4: Essen to Zevenbergen (35kms) Duration: 7hrs 

July 19, day 5: Zevenbergen to Dordrecht (33kms)  Duration: 7hrs

July 20, day 6: Dordrecht to Rotterdam (24.2kms) Duration: 5hrs 

July 21, day 7: Rotterdam to Alphen on de Rijn (25kms) Duration: 5hrs

July 22, day 8: Alphen on de Rijn to Amstelveen (28kms)  Duration: 4hrs

July 23, day 9: Amstelveen  to Amsterdam (14kms) Duration 3hrs


Brussels to Amsterdam

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The walkers

We are a group of passionate advocates from Australia, South Africa and the UK. We are raising every cent towards this campaign on our own. We acknowledge our privilege, is grateful for it and want to earn it by adding value to the lives of others. 

Community Partners:

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Join us!

If you would like to join us, either by walking along side us, or to help raise awareness please get in touch.

How can you help?

  • JOIN US!!! Come walk with us... for 8 days or even just 1. Come join us and help spread the love.
  • Help us by telling everyone, send out to your networks and help create awareness.
  • Help us get in touch with HIV advocacy orgs and advocates who can join us in creating an event of note that will help us reach our goals.


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