Themed ‘You Are Stronger Than You Think’, this trek aims to break down the stigma around living with HIV. To show the world that the face of HIV has changed (it is now a managable disease), HIV treatments have changed (modern Antiretrovirals =1 pill a day, which makes it easier to manage than being a diabetic), and the impact of HIV on a person's quality of life has changed... 

- SO perceptions of and the treatment of people living with HIV (PLHIV) ... NEEDS TO CHANGE..! - 

We know today that a PLHIV, on treatment with a supressed viral load = uninfectious. We are truly fortunate in Australia to have the resources to END the spread of HIV TODAY! But why haven't we? What's stopping us? 

The answer is simply one word: ...STIGMA...
Stigma stops people from getting tested, from starting treatment and it pushes people away from social connections where they end up ceasing to self care and some even ceasing treatment. 

Who wil benefit:
Please help me reach my target and enable me to go and personally prove through the successful completion of the Kokoda trail that PLHIV can achieve anything they put  thier minds to. And in turn, help end stigma, improve the lived experience of PLHIV everywhere and ultimately END HIV.

Whats needed:
To join this inspirational expedition I need to raise my own funds ($4500) to prove my commitment and in the process help create awareness through the many fundraising initiatives I undertake. These funds will cover everything from flights & accommodation to the equipment (boots, backpacks etc) needed to successfully complete a trail of this level & scale. 

Past projects and involvement:

For more infomation about the Kokokda plus trek please click this link