Education is our number one tool to stop the transmission of HIV. Ignorance leads to miseducation, which in turn leads to fear and inevitably the unnecessary stigma faced by so many PLHIV today... HIV is not the death sentence it used to be and with amazing medical advances is now a very easily managed disease. Arm yourself with the facts to make better informed decisions when it comes to how you treat PLHIV and when it comes to your safety.

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The facts

Knowing the facts about HIV & AIDS does not only empower you to make better informed decisions and protect yourself but also helps create the necessary awareness needed to end HIV related stigma. Get informed by clicking below.



Click here for a selection of frequently asked questions.

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We are so privileged to live in a time where we have access to resources that not only keeps PLHIV alive but can also stop the transmission of HIV if someone is at risk. Click here to find out about the amazing new resources called PEP and PREP that are available TODAY.