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 Supporting the HIV+ community through community engagement, social connection & advocacy campaigns.


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Towards ZERO Together

The Towards Zero Together campaign is designed to raise awareness of several issues impacting on the lives of PLHIV, by sending a clear message that PLHIV worldwide are coming together in unity to support their peers and fight for the needs of future generations.

This campaign aims to get as many PLIHV from all over the world together to walk as one and raise awareness about the many barriers still faced by some worldwide, such as the great discrepancies in accessing life-saving treatment, and a lack of empowered non-Western voices.

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Click here to support Kokoda+

Click here to support Kokoda+

Past projects:

Kokoda+ "stringer than you think"

Themed ‘You Are Stronger Than You Think’, this trek aimed to break down the stigma around living with HIV. To show the world that the face of HIV has changed (it is now a manageable disease), HIV treatments have changed (modern Antiretrovirals = 1 pill a day, which makes it easier to manage than being a diabetic), and the impact of HIV on a person's quality of life has changed...


Who we are

The HIvsters logo

The HIvsters logo

HIVSTERS is where People living with HIV (PLHIV) come together and celebrate the upside of being ‘positive’. So, if you’re one of the 8,500 Victorians or 4,500 Queenslanders to have lost your ‘negativity’, Hivsters just might be your HIV happy place...



Through undertaking and completing significant physical and logistical adventures as a team, we are out to set the record straight, level the playing field and create awareness everywhere we go. In turn, creating hope and adding value to the lives of those affected..


HIV & AIDS - The facts...

Education is our number one tool to stop the transmission of HIV. Ignorance leads to miseducation, which in turn leads to fear and inevitably the unnecessary stigma faced by so many PLHIV today... HIV is not the death sentence it used to be and with amazing medical advances is now a very easily managed disease. Arm yourself with the facts to make better informed decisions when it comes to how you treat PLHIV and when it comes to your safety.